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Using Social Media For Business

After decades of print and commercial marketing, the world is shifting towards a social setting. More individuals are on their phones (or computers) using social media networking sites to engage with family, friends, celebrities, and their favorite brands.

As a Business owner, you have the opportunity to tap into the high volume of users on popular social media platforms, engage with prospective customers, and invite users to learn more about your brand.


Using Social Media for Your Business can do a few things, according to Hootsuite’s article 10 Benefits of Social Media For Business .

However, I have found that social media helps my clients achieve 5 important things:


Increase Brand Awareness + Engagement Metrics

Posting regularly on social media platforms, while using relevant hashtags or participating in conversations will make users more aware of your business. Using social media will allow your customers (and prospective customers) to find you on platforms they are already using. Users will be able to follow your page and enagage with the content you post (pictures, videos, blog posts, etc.), tag their friends, and ask you questions.

Increase  Traffic to website + Search Ranking

Your website can go in the description, and sometimes posts, on your social media profile. So if your’re posting content that is relevant to your customers, inviting them to view more (or make a purchase) by clicking your link, that increase the traffic to your website! Popular sites like Facebook, Google+ (or Google Business), and Twitter, have more authority. So, if someone is doing research on your company, or a similar business, your social media profile may pop-up in the search.

Quicker Customer Response

It’s quicker to post a short video or image on social media to see the response from your target market before spending X amount of money to put in an official ad or commercial. You could even ask a question to see what products/services/topics your customers would like more of (or less of). Product testing, seeing if a slogan resonates well, or the content that gets the most reaction will really benefit your business. You’ll be able to see what your need to do more or less of in your marketing efforts.

Create, Build, + Analyze Ads

Social Media sites like Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest allow business pages to create and manage ads. You’ll be able to see the metrics (engagement, and cost per click) of your ads, then analyze if they benefited your business. For example, you’ll be able to see which demographic responded better, which image did poorly, or what time they clicked on the ads. This is also another way to increase traffic and build awareness to your brand, as you’re paying these platforms to put your content in front of your target audience.

Improve Conversion Rates

If you are building a following of people that trust your brand and the information/content you provide on your social media platforms, you increase your chance of finding clients and customers. Social Media is like a conversation, the more people engage in conversation with you, the more trust that is built, and the more customers would be willing to share your content with their followers (or friends).

Are you using social Media for your business?

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