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3 Ways to Bring Traffic to Your Website and Blog


There are numerous ways to bring traffic to your website. I’ve even written a great post about 8 Simple Tips for getting more traffic from your social media 😉

However here a 3 methods that I use constantly that have been improving the visits to all of the websites that I manage.



In the beginning of my blogging journey I would blog just because. I had a fashion + beauty blog and I only wanted to post what I wanted to share. In doing this I found that my blog was not getting a lot of traffic.

After doing more research on blogging for SEO purposes, and also completing my Inbound Methodology Certification for Marketing I discovered that I was blogging all wrong! I should have been actively looking for the topics and keywords that my target audience was looking for, then provide content that either solved their problem or provided a new insight on it.

After learning to blog with a purpose, I have been using my new knowledge on my other blogs since 2016, and on this blog in 2017 (I launched January 2017). I’ve noticed a major difference in the quality of my  followers, the amount of organic traffic from search engines, and the amount of people visiting from social media.

If you do not have a blog, I would suggest creating one that links to your domain. Do research on the topics that your clients + target audience would be looking for and address those issues/questions/ideas.

Make your content valuable to your readers so they will be more likely to share and/or save your blog posts to review later. Also include “Call to Actions” (buttons, images, links) that invite the readers to your services, products, web pages, or other content you would like them to check out.

For example, a great call to action would be the following button, inviting you to contact me after reading a blog post on Social Media Management.




When I first logged onto Google+ in 2015, I found it to be all over place and there wasn’t a strong community of consistent users.

However now in 2017, it has gotten better and there are more users than before. One of my favorite things about this social media, are the “communities” that you can follow and post in. These are essentially groups that you can create surrounding a subject or theme.

When trying to find communities to join, I tried to think of my client personas. I asked myself: Who are they? What groups would they most likely be part of? And, how active are these groups?

As a virtual assistant and blogger, I knew that I would need to be where the business owners, entrepreneurs, and bloggers hang out and engage. So I joined communities in these areas.

After introducing myself, I would share some of my blog posts and social media images in each group (varying the content so I don’t come off as spammy). And I continue to get visitors to my blog this way.

Before posting and sharing your content on Google+, you should research the communities to see where your business fits. Find at least 5 groups, and interact with them often. Post content that would be relevant to them and they would want to share.

**I would also avoid (only) posting on the “public” default option, as more people are less likely to see your post.



I have been using Pinterest for a while and noticed that it acts like a social media search engine. You can search for a topic, title, or color and images involving your search criteria will pop up.

After doing the necessary research of topics and content that my target audience is looking for, I created boards involving tips, inspiration, quotes, and information for using a Virtual Assistant.

I try to post my content to these relevant boards while also providing details in the “description” area. This is where Pinterest uses the keywords to link your content to what people are searching for.

I don’t post everyday like I would for other social media platforms, or even my blog. However I try to upload content weekly. The more quality content I have in my boards, the more engagement and views I receive, so I try to post as often as I can.

When using Pinterest, I would suggest only creating boards that are relevant to the topics you write about and the services/products you provide. For all others, I would suggest creating a personal page. You shouldn’t have painting tips if your company provides marketing services, that’s really confusing, and you’ll have followers following you for the wrong reasons.

Instead do you research and find the boards that your target audience will most likely follow, then create a similar board and fill it with your content linking to your website.

Do you use these methods to bring more traffic to your website? What other methods do you use? Let me know in the comments!

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