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8 Simple Tips To Get More Traffic From Your Social Media


Increasing traffic from your social media pages takes some time, but if you’re consistent it can be done!

Here are a few tips that I use to gain more traffic from my social media. Keep in mind, all of these tips won’t work for every social media platform. For example, in Instagram you are not allowed to have clickable links attached to a photo.

Nonetheless, these tips can be incorporated for you as a business owner, or entrepreneur, to get the best from your social media.

You have many options that are either FREE or PAID:


Free Options:

1. Add Link to Your Profile


Using my Instagram as an example, you can see how I added my website link to my profile. That way when people view my page, they can easily click my link and be directed to my website to find out more information. This can also done with Facebook, Pinterest, Tumblr, and Google+.

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2. Add Links To Your Posts


This works really well with Pinterest, Facebook, Google+, Tumblr and any other social media platform that allows clickable links. The benefit of adding links to your post is that visitors will have a direct pathway to any content you provide, instead of clicking to your main website.

To make the links look more professional try using a link shortener, like Google’s link shortner, which allows you to view how many people clicked your link (or if they’re clicking it at all). This is also a great free resource to use to see how many visitors are coming to your website, and from which links.

I think by far, Pinterest has a great interface when it comes to link pictures with webpages. Instead of having a visible link, people can click on the image and be directed to a website. Tumblr also uses a similar mechanism, but it’s not as simplistic as Pinterest. With Facebook and Google+ you do need to add a link in the post for people to click.


3. Post Engaging Content

This is a no-brainer, but if you’re still one of those people that posts things that only YOU want to hear/see, instead of providing valuable content to your following, this could be why you aren’t getting any traffic from your social media. Try posting things that your following will enjoy, which will encourage them to interact with your page more, and click on the content you provide them.

If you don’t know what intrigues your audience, try doing keyword research on topics in your field, or the social media platforms you use. In doing this, I was able to see the topics that my audience looks for the most + the type of content they enjoy.

For example, my target audience enjoys motivational quotes about business, leadership, and entrepreneurship. They also like topics involving social media marketing and website traffic building. Knowing this, I was able to create images, blog posts (like this one 🙂 ), and infographics that they would enjoy.

4. Provide Offers

Another method is to provide specific reasons for people to check out your website. This could be a post promoting a new offer, or an introduction for visitors to learn more by “clicking the link my bio.” Just like mentioned before, these offers should still be engaging and something that your audience will look forward to.

For example, an post inviting people to check out your blog post on using Instagram for Marketing or to find out more about your services.


5. Be Consistent

I know this is said often, but it’s true! Real results cannot be seen, nurtured, and maintained if you only post every once in a while. So try to be consistent in posting often, with engaging content that your audience will love!

This blog was created in January 2017, and so far I’ve been able to see an increase in the traffic from my social media pages (Instagram, Pinterest, and Facebook).

The cool thing about this, is that people were clicking my content without me having to share like a madwoman. I can only hope to see these numbers increase by the end of this year.



Paid Options:

1. Design an Ad

When you have content that you want to get in front of a lot of people, in a short amount of time, using ads would be a great option. Facebook, Pinterest, and Instagram have great ad options for increasing exposure and encouraging conversions.

Instagram ads are linked to Facebook, so when creating an ad for Facebook, the ad manager automatically promotes it on Instagram (if you have an Instagram account linked to your Facebook page).


For my fashion business, I’ve used Facebook ads that have lead to a few sales and increased my page following + brand awareness. It can be costly especially if you’re unsure of your target audience and how to target them on Facebook. However, if you have a general idea of who your target audience is this would be a great option!

Start with a small budget and then increase when the ad(s) are converting like you want them to.

2. Hire a Social Media Influencer

I have yet to use this, however many of my entrepreneur friends swear by using a social media influencer to bring more awareness to their products, and lead to sales. Some of the popular platforms for this is Youtube and Instagram, especially for those influencers that create videos to display how a product looks, can be styled, or used.

To start, read this article from Entrepreneur titled “The Easy Way to Get a Social Influencer Advocating for Your Brand is to Hire One” for the basic steps in locating some of the best influencers.

This will take some time + trust, as not all people on social media are professional influencers. So be careful of those who like to scam and earn free products.

3. Collaborate with a Blogger


Similar to working with an Influencer, except with a professional blogger you have many options. You could find someone to review your products or introduce your company to the world (like an interview or business feature).

The benefits of working with a blogger is that your content would be linked with another site and this can improve your search engine rankings. Plus blog posts are easier to find than posts made on Instagram or Tumblr, and most often will pop up first when someone is doing a search on google.

What methods do you use to gain traffic from your social media pages?

Let me know in the comments!

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