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How to Hire a Virtual Assistant Online

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If you haven’t read my previous post “What is  a Virtual Assistant” a Virtual Assistant, or Virtual Secretary is a contracted freelancer who provides their expertise and skills to their clients remotely. So now that we are all clear on the role of a VA, the next phase is figuring out how to hire a virtual assistant.

In order to hire a professional virtual assistant or secretary you need to do two things: identify your task objectives, and decide between general or specific virtual assistants.

Identifying your Task Objectives

Before doing the research to find a freelance virtual assistant, you need to take a minute and write down a list of your task objectives that you need help with. Although it’s not mandatory to have a set list of multiple tasks you need to get accomplished, this list will also help you determine what you need your professional virtual secretary to complete. In my blog post (turned eBook) “15 Easy things to Outsource to Your Virtual Assistant” I listed some simple tasks that your virtual assistant can help you with. However, you can use the following as an example of a list you will make of your objectives you could identify the following objectives:


Example Tasks You May Have:

  • need help scheduling content to my Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest
  • want to write more blog content using keywords for my brand/product
  • need help creating call-to-action images for social media
  • need to reorganize my email list (delete spam, respond to clients)
  • need help scheduling and maintaining weekly calls with clients

After compiling a sound list of all the assignments, you need a virtual assistant to help you with, you can better determine what you are looking for. This will help you determine if you need a general virtual assistant or a specific (or niched) virtual assistant.


General versus Specific Virtual Assistants

A general virtual assistant is someone who specializes in handling simple tasks like email management, schedule maintenance, or making phone calls. a Specific, or niched, virtual assistant is someone who specializes in a specific skill or topic like creating and executing marketing plans for large corporations, someone who specializes in legal work, someone familiar with working with non-profits.

When using the example task list I created before, I would need someone that offers General services (schedule maintenance, email management, and research) while also specializing in social media. Knowing this, I would use “social media virtual assistant” or “schedule maintenance virtual assistant” when using a search engine or directory to find someone that can help me accomplish my tasks.

Search and Communicate

Popular platforms to find virtual assistants in 2017 are and There are numerous VA’s on both platforms with different ranges of capabilities including location, language, and the amount they charge. The difference between Fiverr and Upwork, is like the difference between Ebay and Amazon. Although I did start on Fiverr, it does have a rep for “cheap” work. So often there are VA’s with lower skills on there. However, if you’re looking for more general virtual assistants, Fiverr is a good choice!

Upwork is a great choice for finding specific virtual assistants in different countries or who speak different languages. More professionals can be found on Upwork, so they do charge more but can often deliver higher quality work. Another option is to search Virtual Assistant directories or use search engines to find virtual assistants in your area.

After locating a few virtual assistants that you would like to work with, you can start the process of communication. Email them to schedule a phone call, skype call, or other mode of communication so you can see if they are a great for you. Compare their rates to the services they provide. If someone charges $30 an hour, but can only help you with one thing on your list, while someone charges $15 and can help you with everything on your list which one would be the better choice?

Start Working With a Virtual Assistant Today

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Aside from preparing this information for my readers, I also offer General and Social Media services for my clients. If you have any questions, please email me Bryanna Greene at

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