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5 Reasons Why Your Instagram Sucks + How You Can Fix It


Instagram is one of the top 5 social media platforms people use to interact with their friends, favorite celebrities, and brands. As a business, it’s a key social media tool to have as you can post updates about sales, highlight events, and really engage with your fellow customers.

However, many businesses just throw up a profile, post what they *think* would look great, then get disappointed when their engagement doesn’t match up to the tutorials they see online. As a Social Media Strategist, I’ve come across numerous business accounts that aren’t using Instagram to its fullest potential, thus resulting in crappy engagement. Let’s discuss the 5 things that make your profile suck and how you can fix them.



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Ever have someone text you the same thing 2x a day, every day of the week? Well that’s what it feels like when a business posts the same (or similar) post multiple times a day, everyday. Posting like this comes of as spam, and will result in either Instagram flagging your account (they’ll make it where people can’t see your posts), or you’ll lose your followers.

How to fix: try posting a variety of things! If you sell merchandise, take unique photos of your items and on different backgrounds, on models, hanging up and post those instead. If you sell a service and don’t have many photos, use some Free Stock Image Sites like Pexels or Unsplash to use as filler content.  


Wrong Hashtags

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Using the wrong hashtags for your Instagram posts is like placing a cereal box in the ice cream section of the grocery store. Yes, it’s still in the grocery store, but it’s in the wrong section and most likely won’t be bought like the cereal that is in the proper isle. You want to make sure you’re placing the right hashtags under your content so viewers can find you!

How to fix: Do a hashtag research by looking up some of your competitors and looking at the hashtags that they use. Click on a few of those hashtags, and make sure to pay attention to the suggested hashtags that Instagram recommends. You can choose a mixture of the hashtags with the most uses (in the millions) and some of the niche hashtags that are popular, but not widely used (in the thousands).


Not Interacting

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I don’t know many people that would enjoy talking to a brick wall. Eventually you’ll get bored and move on to an actual conversation with people that’s interesting and engaging. The same thing works with Instagram!

How to fix: Respond to comments on your pictures to (at least as many as you can). Also look at the hashtags that you follow or post under your pictures and get out there and start conversations! Chime in on discussions, or even comment under your favorite influencers’ posts. Start building a community by actively engaging with a good 30-50 people daily (5-20 if you’re smaller), and watch how your engagement improves.


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Hiding Under a Rock

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Unless you are a really popular brand with people stalking their social media accounts waiting for you to create one, it’s a great idea to let people know you exist!

How to fix: when you make a social media profile, or multiple, let your customers/clients know! Invite them to your pages when you send out invoices. Offer a special discount through DMs when people like your Instagram. You could even invite them to follow your social media accounts when sending out emails. The best part of inviting people that already love your products is that they’ll already be excited to engage with.


Grainy Look

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Do you remember how annoying it was to get your photos developed and like 80% of them were grainy or blurry? You don’t want people to have that same disgusted look when visiting your page!

How to fix: It’s easier to say have someone else take the photos, get a quality camera, or hire a photographer. However, if you’re working with a limited budget, I would suggest learning how to really work your smartphone or point-and-shoot camera to get quality photos. A lot of this involves using natural light, focusing on angles, and using specific settings or filters. Youtube is a great resource for finding the best tips that work for you!


Does your social media account suffer from some of these issues? Let me know which issues you have with your Instagram account in the comments!

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