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Top 10 Free Social Media Tools for Small Businesses

Social media can be fun, with uploading unique photos or hopping on fun trends. But it can get expensive! Some scheduling and design tools can range up to $50+ a month a piece!

Being a Social Media manager for quite some time, I know of all the hidden gems for social media content creation and scheduling that are

I’ve broken this list up in two parts because both are truly important: Content Creation and Content Scheduling.

Social Media Content Design Tools

There are many freemium tools out there for creating social media content. But here are 7 tools that I are my ride or dies. Please note though, these are free, but they do have premium (paid) options. So be wary when signing up, and make sure to choose the free version before committing to anything just in case you don’t like them.

P.S., some of the links to the sites are affiliate links. Which not only help to support this blog, but provide you with awesome deals and perks 🙂

1 Canva

Canva is my go-to when it comes to creating EVERYTHING! For Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest you name it! They have templates and pre-sized images for everything. They have a phone app, but I prefer the desktop version as you’re able to design more things. This tool is great if you are really involved with the design and vibe of your content. You can upload fonts (premium feature), add logos, and save your own templates.


2 Adobe Spark

Although similar to Canva, Adobe Spark is great if you need something uber basic. A lot of their templates are pre-made and ready to use without the option to customize them. When creating videos however, this is awesome because all you need to do is add content to the video and the templates are pre-set with features and fonts.

adobe spark

3 BeFunky

I love Befunky for quick photo edits. They took away the filters for the free accounts and moved that to a premium feature. However, I’m still able to crop pictures or edit the brightness and exposure before scheduling them out.


4 Collage Maker – inCollage

This is one of my favorite Android Apps to use when quickly editing photos that I took on my phone. For example, if I just left an event and want to make a collage without using Canva on my CP. They also have filters, stickers, and other fun features you can use when designing your content.

Collage Maker

5 Unsplash

If you need filler content that’s royalty free and great for commercial use, Unsplash is your best friend! You can search by color or topic and they’ll most likely have what you need.


6 Pexels

Like Unsplash, Pexels also has a large library of content that is royalty-free and can be used commercially. However I have noticed that sometimes one platform may not have a picture that I’m looking for, so I’ll bounce between Unsplash and Pexels.


7 DU Recorder

Another Android app favorite of mine (however they do have an Apple version). I’m able to record my screen which is perfect for a quick video of a website or tutorial that can be shared on Facebook or Instagram.

DU recorder

Social Media Scheduling Tools:

When it comes to scheduling for social media, I focus on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn as these are the platforms my clients use the most. Here are my top 3 social media scheduling tools:


I fell in love with Later because they focus heavily on Instagram, and during the time of my search, there weren’t many tools that made it easy to auto-post as Later can. There are also options to schedule for Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter all on the same calendar.  You can also store images to be reused later. Read more on how I like to use Later for Scheduling.



Another Instagram focused tool is Planoly. I like to use this because it’s more visual as you can organize your feed by arranging the photos how it would look on an Instagram feed. This is a great scheduler to use if you’re feed is focused on a specific vibe or color scheme.


10 Hootsuite

The OG social media scheduler is Hootsuite! Although this is more technical than visual like Later or Planoly, it’s a great tool to start with especially if you need to schedule for things like LinkedIn which the other tools aren’t optimized for.


Looking for help getting started with these social media tools? Contact me to get your accounts started today:

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