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36 Instagram Boosting Hashtags for Dentists

Instagram Is Killing The Game!

Instagram has been ranked as the #2 social media platform in 2019, with Facebook taking the lead spot. However, even at second, the platform boasts more than 1 billion active users per month!

As a dental practice that’s active on Instagram, I’m sure you’re aware of the platforms stats and how important it is to have a profile (especially if you deal with a lot of patients 35 and under).

Now, with all of these users, if you’re posting content on Instagram and not seeing the engagement you desire, there could be an easy fix to your dilemma.

The Difference Between the Best and the Newbs

If you take a look at dental practices that have high engagements, interactions, and responses on their Instagram, it’s always a mixture of two things:

  1. Superb content
  2. Effective hashtags

Having stellar content is ALWAYS the goal, however, assuming that your page is filled with the best images and designs that showcase your dental talents, most likely you’ve run into the issue of improper hashtag targeting.

instagram marketing strategy for dental practices hashtag research

Boosting Your Instagram with Hashtags

The best way to improve your reach on Instagram is by using the proper hashtags! These are words followed by “#’ that puts your content in front of Instagram users that are searching or following these hashtags.

When it comes to choosing which hashtags to include, you want to make sure you have a mixture of high traffic (1+ million) and mid and low traffic (-1 million) hashtags.

These will, of course, change depending on the content you’re sharing and that tags you want to focus on. However, just for you all, I’ve compiled a list of 36 hashtags that you can mix and mingle to improve the reach on your posts.

*Please note, these are based on general dentist titles and terms. Based on research focused on your practice, the hashtags you need might differ.

36 Instagram Boosting Hashtags for Dentists

  1. #aestheticdentistry
  2. #braces
  3. #bracesoff
  4. #clearaligners
  5. #clearbraces
  6. #dentalwork
  7. #dentist
  8. #dentistlife
  9. #dentistoffice
  10. #dentistry
  11. #dentistrylove
  12. #dentistryworld
  13. #dentists
  14. #dentures
  15. #familydentist
  16. #happyteeth
  17. #implantdentistry
  18. #newteeth
  19. #oralhealth
  20. #ortho
  21. #orthodontics
  22. #pediatricdentistry
  23. #smile
  24. #smileoften
  25. #smileoftheday
  26. #smiles
  27. #smilesformiles
  28. #smiletolife
  29. #smiletransformation
  30. #straightteeth
  31. #teeth
  32. #teethcleaning
  33. #teethgoals
  34. #teethwhitening
  35. #veneers
  36. #whitesmile

Want a list of 100+ hashtags focused specifically for your practice?

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