Marketing Your Small Business During Quarantine

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Marketing your business during quarantine can appear to be difficult, especially if you feel like it’s not the best time to promote your products or services. However, it’s the best time to market! Many people are still at home, looking for things to do, or options to keep safe distances. Use this time to detail all of the updates, changes, and innovations your business has developed. To help spark some ideas, here are three tips to get you started:

Tip #1 | Inform Your Audience What You’ve Changed

If you haven’t already, it’s a good idea to let your customers know how your business has changed during the quarantine. If you have updated your cleaning practices, added new services, or improved your online shopping experience, these are all elements that you can detail to your customers. When marketing your business during the quarantine, you want to ensure your customers are aware of how you’re keeping them safe.

To be innovative, create a video detailing the process and publish it on your social media or website. Make sure to highlight the process you are using, and how that benefits your customers, team, and business. If you are camera shy, use pictures instead.

Let’s look at a quick example. I worked with Straighten Up Orthodontics to create this brief video for their customers to learn how to capture photos for telehealth appointments.

Straighten Up Orthodontics Marketing During Quarantine example

This was posted on their website and social media, and shared with their newsletter list. The goal was to let their current and future patients know that they could still have a consultation even at home.

Important to note: Don’t just focus on your cleaning practices and telling people to wash their hands every 20 seconds. Not because this isn’t important, but because this is messaging many businesses have been putting out since April. Instead, use this time to show your customers new ways they can experience your business.

Tip #2 | Be Innovative and Creative

At the start of the pandemic, numerous restaurants, bars, and stores were forced to close, putting many in debt or out of business. However, it also led to people thinking outside the box! For example, (restaurants) preparing take-home boxes for dinner that included your choice of wine (yum). Or realtors improving their virtual tours so you could actually feel like you’re walking into a home or apartment.

To start thinking of creative ways to market your small business’ services or products, here are some ideas:

  • Pet groomer: Sell training courses for grooming pets at home, or sell pet grooming kits with tools and shampoo needed to \get the job done.
  • Restaurant: Bundle a few meals into a weekly package and have customers subscribe to receive them on a weekly basis.
  • Fitness instructor: Host paid live workout sessions focusing on exercises that people can do in the house with minimal equipment.
  • Dentists: Make it possible for customers to have a consultation online or through a trusted app (i.e. telehealth appointment).

Take the time to look at your services and see how you can innovate them to work with the current times!

Start thinking of creative ways to market your small business’ services or products…

Tip #3 | Share Positive Outlooks, Plans, and Goals

If you are an avid morning email reader like I am, you’ve probably gotten thousands of emails addressing the pandemic, how companies are increasing their cleaning procedures, and to wash your hands and keep your distance. Especially since the start of Covid-19, small businesses have been sending these emails non-stop. If you are one of these companies that sent out their Covid-19 protocols and cleaning procedures, it’s time to think about changing your messaging.

Are you using this time to work on virtual creatives for your customers to enjoy while they are at home? Share that in your next newsletter or social media post.

Or maybe you have a new family bundle of goodies for people to enjoy their weekend at home. If you have any positive goals and plans for your company, share that with your customers. This can be done in your email newsletter, a fun Youtube video, or a pop up on your website.

All in all, marketing during the quarantine does not have to be gloomy or just focus on cleaning products. Inform your customers and get creative!

What other ways have you found to be successful in marketing your business during the pandemic?

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