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Take Stunning Product Photos with an Android

before an after product photos with an android phone

Although the iPhone brigade will have you thinking you’re the only one with an Android phone, there are a stunning 127.8 million people part of the Android Crew! Along with myself, I’m sure you’re clicking this article because you’re also an Android phone owner. First, I want to say welcome to the club!

Secondly, I want to say that amazing photos can still be achieved using your android phone. And if you need to update your shopify or wordpress photos for your website, you can still accomplish that using your Android device.

I have been taking product and brand photography for both my Shopify and WordPress websites for YEARS using my Android. Now while it does not compare to using a DSLR, the results are still amazing. Here I outline six tips to help improve your photos.

Understand Your Android Phone

Unfortunately, everyone knows that all Android devices are not created equally. On the low tier, you have phones that couldn’t compete with taking photos with a cardboard box (joking, but low key serious). On the high-end, you have Android phones that could take quality photos for your Shopify or WordPress website better than any iPhone created!

To test out the capability of your phone’s camera, take some test shots of your products. Using indoor natural light, outdoor natural light, and even a white box if you have one. If the photos come out too grainy or “noisy” even in the best of lighting situations, you may have to seek out another solution (like borrowing someone else’s phone!). If you notice that your photos look great, and just need to be tweaked with some edits and touch-ups, then you can proceed with your Android phone photo shoot.

Find Your Lighting

I have found with taking product photos indoors with my Android, it’s best to use a combination of natural light and artificial lights by way of a ring light (or desk lamps). I find a nice window that gets great sunshine and set up my items to be captured. Or, I like to use my white photo box with two desk lamps on both sides of the box that use a daylight light bulb. Extra emphasis on “Daylight Light Bulbs” because they provide the blue or white light, compared to yellow like general fluorescent bulbs.

If you don’t have great lighting where you are I suggest doing some shopping to pick up items for your Android shopify or wordpress photography:

  • desk lamps with bendable necks (helps with moving the light where you want!)
  • daylight light bulbs for your desk lamps
  • ring light
  • photo box (preferably white, with the option to insert your own background)
  • Or you can DIY a photo box using supplies from home

Tweak Your Product Placement

Product placement is everything! To get that high-quality look from your Android photos, you want to have a quality setup as well. Use your photo box or real-life set-up (like I did here in my room), along with your lighting to get a quality photo.

If you need help brainstorming ideas for your setup, try using platforms like Pexels or Unsplash for photo inspiration. Get creative with your props and settings to amplify your photos as well.

For these shots I used an 89 cent tile from Home Depot, a glass tray I purchased from Value Village (thrift store), my photo box, and lighting.

Use your Tripod

For steady photos, I suggest getting a tripod with a clicker that links to your phone. Not only does this help with taking stead photos, you can get from behind the camera and take photos or videos of you using your product. I used a tripod to get these outdoor photo shots.

If you don’t have a tripod (don’t fret, I’ve been there) get creative! I’ve used stacked books and a mug on top to hold my phone, or used tape to stick my phone to a chair for a good photo. Just set your phone timer so you have enough time to set the camera on and time to run back and model your items.

Edit Your Android Photos and Finesse!

Editing can take your photo from blah to WOW, even on an Android. I like to edit my photos on my phone using inCollage, which is a collage maker AND a photo editing tool. Usually, I just stick to changing the brightness and contrast of photos. For more complex editing, I would take my photos and edit them on Photoshop.

Click through this gallery to see how I edited my photos:

However, I edit my photos on my phone 90% of the time. InCollage is not the only photo editing app for Android, if you have one that you like, use that instead! The goal is to make sure your photos pop. As an example you can see the difference here between the photo taken using just my lighting, compared to additional editing.

Tips when editing your Android photos:

  1. Make sure you are keeping everything consistent. If you use 32% brightness and 10% contrast on one photo from your photoshoot, apply that to all of them. Sometimes a photo might need a little more or less of brightness or contrast, but it should be extreme (like one photo is dark, and the other is light). Try to be as consistent as you can be.
  2. Check for blurriness. If your editing has led to word disappearing or products looking smudged, check your settings (brightness, contrast, sharpness, etc.)
  3. Crop it out. Crop out items that should not be there. For example, if you can see the crease in your photo box, or the edge of a tile you’re using as a background item.
  4. Keep the original. Always edit a copy, in case you make a mistake and need to try again!
  5. Save on a drive or computer. Photos do take up a lot of space, especially on Android phones. I try to save both my originals and edited photos on my Google Drive or computer so I can edit them later, or have an extra copy. It also helps to have additional backups outside of your phone.

How do you use your Android camera for quality photos?

Let me know in the comments! And if you have questions about updating your Shopify and WordPress stores. Let me know 🙂

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