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How to Hire a Virtual Assistant Online

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If you haven’t read my previous post “What is  a Virtual Assistant” a Virtual Assistant, or Virtual Secretary is a contracted freelancer who provides their expertise and skills to their clients remotely. So now that we are all clear on the role of a VA, the next phase is figuring out how to hire a […]


15 Easy Tasks to Outsource to a Virtual Assistant

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When I tell people that I work as a virtual assistant, many respond with the question “what do virtual assistants do?” After explaining all of the tasks that can be outsourced to virtual assistants, they get interested in these magical freelance virtual assistants that can save them time and provide extra hands at a fraction […]

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3 Reasons for Hiring a Virtual Assistant

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Still questioning why you need a Virtual Assistant? Here are 3 reasons for Hiring a VA to increase your productivity! 1.  Social Media Assistant Your virtual assistant will be able to manage your multiple social media accounts for you, gather the engagement metrics, research the best hashtags to reach more consumers, and keep content updated. […]