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The Growth of the Internet and Social Media Platforms has made it important to have a Dental Marketing Strategy.

And Here’s Why:

  • More than 40% of people use social media to research their dentists before stepping into any practice – Hubspot


  • 22% of parents use social media to research trustworthy dentists that they can take their children too. – Hubspot


  • 48% of people rate the credibility of a dental practice by their website (or the lack of one). – Bluecorona


  • 38% of website browsers stop clicking though a site if it’s uninviting and unattractive. – Bluecorona
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At VTC Marketing, we assist practices with dental marketing in Baltimore, Maryland and neighboring areas. 

We understand the importance of generating new patients coming into your practice, while also developing content to keep current patients intrigued and sending referrals.


A Dental Marketing Strategy That Is Patient Focused.

You’re looking to add more patients to your roster, and patients are looking for a local dentist for their next cleaning. The trick is creating an environment where patients can easily find your dental practice,  read community reviews that back your services, and engage with you daily.

When approaching an efficient marketing strategy, we help our clients by utilizing three things:


Our Three Elements of Digital Marketing

Building Lasting Relationships:

Consumers like to feel connected with their favorite companies. We help you improve your digital marketing strategy by keeping your social media updated with your branded content, and using chatbox features to be more responsive when potential patients have questions or concerns. We also ensure you’re search engine reviews (Google, Yelp, Manta, and Facebook) continue to grow and improve your credibility.

Sparking Interest:

Placing your dental services in front of the right patients at the right times can be difficult, especially when social media and search engine platforms change constantly. Knowing this, at VTC Marketing, we work with our clients to create lead generating ads that introduce new patients to your practice so you can continue to grow your business.

Likewise, if that stats above haven’t made this clear, first impressions are key to keeping consumers engaged! Therefore, when it comes to dental website designs, we can help you redesign your website to be more inviting to visitors, be mobile and desktop responsive, and infused with local SEO.

Keeping Customers In the Loop:

Just like a good friend we haven’t heard from in a while, patients, too, enjoy a message occasionally. We help our clients design and formulate email newsletters and consistent social media posts that keep customers engaged, and inform them of new services or community events.

All of this combined helps your practice build a lead generating system that increases new patients, improves your presence in the community, and builds your social proof.

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Ready To Improve Your Digital Marketing?

Custom Solutions
To Improve Your Results

From content creation to detailed advertisement funnels, we work with our clients to provide a custom solution geared to their customers and business needs. 

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