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KoKo Beauty Essentials is a startup e-commerce (Shopify-based) platform that  focuses on skincare and beauty, and mainly uses Pinterest, Facebook, and Instagram to connect with users and to generate sales. In this case study, you’ll see how VTC Marketing utilized all three platforms to keep their customers engaged and to generate traffic + sales.

Client Goals:

  • Generate 10 sales using organic and paid social media posts
  • Increase monthly traffic by 30%
  • Engage with current customers and entice new ones
  • Promote best selling soap (Pure Black Soap

Our Solutions:



To improve the Instagram page, the description was updated with a Call-to-Action ( For example: “Try our liquid black soap!..”), the url to the Shopify store, and the contact information for the store. Using the Shopify-Instagram integration, we also made sure the page allows for people to shop or check out products from the Instagram pages.


When posting product images we’re able to tag products so users can purchase from their feed. Keeping the content updated (2-3x a day) with focused + high performing hashtags also helped to keep a consistent level of engagement from the same viewers.


Content was designed and curated to keep a consistent theme. A mixture of product photos, quotes, engagement posts (polls, threads, etc.), videos, and personality photos were used to maintain the brand image. This also shows viewers how connected and focused KoKo Beauty Essentials is with providing exciting content for their viewers.


Pinterest is a great tool for generating free traffic to blog posts, images, and products. For KoKo Beauty Essentials,  Pinterest was used to share their blog posts and products from their shopify store. These posts we’re then posted to relevant Pinterest boards to attract more viewers. Another way Pinterest, was utilized was to create pins using the Instagram photos from KKBE, so the Instagram page could also gain viewership to lead to more followers and product clicks.


kkbe facebook ad metrics 1

Facebook ads were hanfy in generating brand awareness and to spark interest in new products. We created a fun informative video that was then used in an ad to draw more interest for their Pure Black Soap product. Within a few days, the video had over 4.2K views from their followers and people who have visited the store. A Retargeting ad was used instead of a general ad, to increase the chance of purchase and brought in 2 sales within an hour of posting.

Analytics + Metrics

There are a lot of tools we use to track the success of our efforts when it comes to social media. Luckily Shopify and Later (scheduling platform we use) make it easier to capture how organic and paid social media efforts benefited the platform.

Shopify Stats

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KoKo Beauty Essentials saw an increase in their traffic brought from social media, as well as the conversions coming from both Facebook + Instagram.

Google Analytics

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The same information can be noted from Google Analytics, as Social is one of the highest traffic sources. However, there are some outliers, as KKBE saw an increase in customer purchases from an email campaign we setup for them.

Later Analytics

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Later is a scheduling platform that has a heavy focus on Instagram. Since starting, the KoKo Beauty Essentials Instagram has seen steady growth in terms of customers and engagement. And this is mostly from organic tactics (engaging with commentors and audience), as paid ads have not been used until recently.

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