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The idea of beautiful skin has been popular since Eve saw her reflection for the first time.

And now with the popularity of social media, consumers share and research daily for things that can keep their skin healthy and thriving.


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As a Dermatology practice, being able to display your services visually to attract new customers and build your practice is a strategic competitive advantage.  Not only that, but a recipe for success that will lead to long-term growth.

By now, you probably know how important a social presence having is to your practice. But how can working with VTC Marketing assist with updating your digital marketing strategy?   We focus on three things to create a lead generating, customer engaging, digital marketing machine.

Our Three Elements of Digital Marketing

Building Lasting Relationships:

Customers like to feel connected with their favorite companies. It’s easy to just post a picture on your feed and hope for the best. But at VTC, we use metrics and analytics to help you build content, unique offers, and fun social media events that are specifically geared to your clients.

Sparking Interest:

Placing your services in front of the right people at the right times can be difficult, especially when social media platforms update constantly. Our ads are created using analytics and customer interaction research tools that improve the results of your advertisements by 23%. Guaranteeing that not only will you get results, but you can expect to see a higher amount of qualified leads.  

Keeping Customers In the Loop:

In the buyer’s cycle, sometimes consumers have to see an offer or a service multiple times before purchasing. So we help you set up redirect ads and automated emails to let customers know about your upcoming discounts or events. This creates a  positive cycle that keeps your customers engaged and constantly intrigued by your services.

All of this combined helps your practice build a lead generating system that increases new patients, improves your presence in the community, and builds your social proof.

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Ready To Improve Your Digital Marketing?

Custom Solutions
To Improve Your Results

From content creation to detailed advertisement funnels, we work with our clients to provide a custom solution geared to their customers and business needs. 

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