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Taking care of oneself is one of the biggest investments that anyone can make. So when we discovered there was an app that connected Life Coaches to those looking to make a positive change in their life, we knew this was a project to take on.

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Social Media Management, Content Curation, Facebook Advertisements


Improve social media content + drive traffic to Iphone app


Energetic + Inspirational

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With Life Coaches as their focus, they wanted their page to be inspirational as well as informative for their audience.

So we helped the design, post, and manage custom content that aligned with their brand, and encouraged people to be intrigued by their app.

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Organic methods like researching and communicating with prospects (Life Coaches) were used to peak interest and lead to sign ups.

Likewise, paid ads were used to drive traffic to their website and encourage sign-ups for their Iphone app.

Along with keeping their social media active, this led to a lot of organic traffic , downloads from interested parties, and increased interest in their new app.

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